Essential Oil Benefits:

Essential oils are chemical constituents of aromatic plants that have been used for centuries in healing.  They provide protection to the plant from predators and bacterial, fungal and viral agents, and help in cellular regeneration and reproduction. When applied on  the skin or inhaled, these same properties have an effect on us.  They can be powerful tools in dealing with a number of physical ailments, including blocked sinuses, sore muscles or joints, breathing difficulties, menstrual pain, scar tissue, insomnia and emotional conditions (including depression and grief), among many others. 

 As a certified Aroma Therapist, I create essential oil blends, when appropriate, to help support and strengthen acupuncture treatments.  Essential oils can also be used independent of acupuncture.   Adolescents and children often prefer the use of essential oils to needles.   I only use organic oils from respected suppliers. 





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